Lovense Hardware and Protocol Documentation

This document contains information about Lovense sex toy hardware, and the common bluetooth protocol used in all Lovense toys. This information can be used to access Lovense toys and create new libraries for controlling features and receiving information from them.

Lovense Library Info

lovesense is a library for controlling Lovense sex toys. The library allows users to control all aspects of the toy (vibration/rotation/inflation, depending on the toy), as well as retrieving information like device type, status, battery level, and accelerometer readings.

The library is currently available in the following languages:

If you need an implementation in a language not currently supported by lovesense, please file an issue on the github tracker of the lovesense-docs projects

Please note that this project has no direct relation to the Lovense company. These drivers have been developed/supported by the open source community. Lovense has had no direct participation in this project and most likely will not be able to answer questions or provide support for any of the Lovesense drivers.

If you require commercial support for programming for Lovense products, it is recommended you go through the Official Lovense Developer Program.


The Lovesense project is in no way affiliated with Lovense or any of its partners. The documentation and libraries here have been produced via clean room reverse engineering methods, and are provided with no guarantees, as outlined by the license agreement. Usage of these libraries and information is in no way condoned by Lovense and may void the warranty of your toy.


Lovesense documentation is covered under the Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution License.